Aircraft Sanitization Service

Description :

Egyptian Aviation Service provides an Exclusive Service  of Specialty
Aircraft Sanitization Service
As Disinfection and Sanitation practices can play in helping the Airline Industry to prevent the Spread of Coronavirus and other Diseases.

  • Using High Efficacy Disinfectant Cleaners.
  • Aircraft Approved Disinfectants for Passengers and Airline Crew by Airbus and Boeing Manufacturers, World Health Organization and World Aviation’s Organizations.
  • Using Broad Spectrum Disinfectants ,kill 99.99% of harmful Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Mycobacteria
  • Safe and suitable Disinfectants for use in Food Preparation Areas in Aircrafts.
  • Well Trained Team specialized in Applying a High Performance Level of Disinfection and Hygiene for Passengers and Crew trained by Egyptian Preventive Medicine.
  • Have a Certified Training Program of “Aircraft Sterilization and Disinfection” approved by Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority ECAA under Supervision of the Egyptian Preventive Medicine.